I had a friend of mine create the Lady Gaga costume from her Glastonbury 2009 concert. I started with an old 80’s black prom dress found at a Thrift store. I couldn’t actually fit the top part of the dress so we had to cut it and make it into a corset, which worked out well because it looks more like Lady Gaga’s costume.

The dress was long so we cut it to make it shorter and lined the underneath of it with tool. Then we took a sun visor and connected it to the bottom of the skirt and molded it to flip out on each side. Then we covered the top of the dress and the visor with a disco like shiny fabric. We then lined the top of the corset with actual pieces of mirrors. We also added a triangular piece of cardboard and lined it in the shiny fabric. To top off the outfit, we made a mask made out of  mirrors. This was by far extremely difficult to walk in especially in high heals. We also made a disco stick to resemble that of Lady Gaga’s. Last but not least, we topped it off with fishnets and a blonde wig. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga was not that popular at the time and many people did not recognize my character.