I know Star Wars and Star Trek get all the praise when it comes to futuristic scifi movies (as they should), but we figured it was time The Fifth Element got a shot at the limelight. Who doesn’t love The Fifth Element, right? Even though my boyfriend and I have seen it a million times we still can’t get enough. This year we decided to be LeeLoo and Korben Dallas for Halloween.

The costume for “Korben” was pretty easy-black pants, orange tee shirt with sleeves cut off, and a fake gun (water gun spray painted black). The “LeeLoo” costume was a little more tedious. I wore white shorts and then duct taped the straps (we put fabric under the tape so it didn’t kill me coming off ha!).

This Homemade Korben and LeeLoo Couple Costume was a HUGE hit at parties, so much fun to wear, and very cheap to make. The only thing we were missing was someone to dress as Ruby Rhod haha! Hope you guys like the idea-I’d love to see it done again!