Last year, I wanted to be a clown, and I was going to make my boyfriend Krusty, but he wanted to be Kermit the Frog! I was still in love with being a clown, and thought “why not do both?” Then the idea of “Kermit the Clown”, and “Miss Piggy the Diva Clown” couple costume came about.

Firstly, I had the tutu made by a friend, and bought a clown costume for my boyfriend (I also purchased the Kermit face). Then I bought the fabric to make our suspenders, and also the make my “tie”. I took to old shirts of ours, and dyed them green. I bought my clown stocking in white, and dyed those purple, along with my Miss Piggy gloves. I bought what I thought was a stylish clown wig (came to find out it was a Lady Gaga wig!), and sewed in some pig ears that I bought. I then hot glued the clown hat onto one of the ears (the nose I put on my face with double sided tape).

Everyone loved it. People kept taking photos of us at the parade! It was pretty cool! My nose kept falling off, so I was sometimes mistake for Nicki Minaj (with pig ears?!), but it was really cool, and interesting to pull off!