My boyfriend and I were Kat Von D and Jesse James for Halloween. I LOVE Kat Von D and her unique style so I thought it would be fun wearing all her tattoos and make-up. I ordered the shirt “High Voltage” from her tattoo shop in Los Angles. I cut it up to give it a vintage look, the same way she wear them (you can watch videos on you-tube – Kat Von D gives you step-by-step directions).

I ordered tattoo paper so I could print ALL of her tattoos from my computer out and apply them (it took hours!). The rest I just applied with marker. I wore a black wig, black tight pants with a studded belt, and red pumps! My boyfriend went as Jesse James. He wore a flannel shirt, tattoo sleeves, sneakers, and trucker hat.

Everyone loved our costume. I thought it was very original. Homemade costumes are always the best!