My wife and I made this Edward Scissorhands costume from scratch, except for the wig.

Procedure for Making the Edward Scissorhands Costume:

  • We made the individual scissors out of clay, poured a silicone resin over to make a mold and then poured a plastic resin in the mold to make the Scissorhands.
  • The outfit was made from 10 different belts purchased at local thrift stores and then cut and zap-strapped together.
  • We also had to make the top and pants from material purchased at Fabricland to mimic leather but be much more cost affordable.

We drove to a local gardening store to take some pictures with some of their sculptured plants and people were taking pictures of my son in costume before we got into the store. People would yell at their friends to come over to take a look at our son. It was pretty cool knowing other people took joy in our hard work. We later found out the Store posted his picture of their Facebook page and it had been shared over 20 times in less than a day.