Hello all, this is my son and I in our Jango and Boba Fett costumes that I originally made for Comic Con 2012. I am Jango and he is Boba. These are the 5th or so incarnations. I originally started with cardboard, it did not have the give and strength that I felt was needed. I then went to sintra. That was too hard and painful. Sintra is not very forgiving. I then went to framing the costume with PVC and canvasing it with latex sheets. Gluing latex is too much of a pain and I could not get it to where I liked the look. I then went back to cardboard but this time I was going to cover it in fiberglass. Once again that was not very successful.

I then had the idea of using soft foam. It would be rigid and flexible. I scaled the Legos to my size and made patterns that I could size if I needed to. I cut the parts out of the soft foam and glued them with industrial foam glue. I then coated the costumes with liquid latex, not to be confused with latex paint or latex body paint. This stuff is based in formaldehyde and needs to be applied in an open area. The weapons and helmets are made of cardboard, styrene foam, resin and fiberglass. I then painted all the hard parts with different types of paints. All and all not cheap but if you are a fan of the Lego games you will see how smooth and true to the games my costumes move.

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