My kids are both HUGE Star Wars fans and wanted to be these cool bounty hunters for Halloween. I started pricing out costumes and was shocked! I did find however some pretty cool tutorials online for helmet making, and I tweaked them to things I had around the house.

The actual suit part of the costume was easy enough, I kept an eye on the Walmart clearance bin in the fabric dept. and lucked out in getting all the colors I needed there, for about $1 a yard. Some were different fabrics, like the cape being satin, but the color worked! I did a lot of gluing and sewing, following photos I had of the 2 guys, and used a pattern I had for coveralls.

I found this website for building the helmet, (, and used a beer box cut up for the starting point, which ended up being just right for my kids as it wasn’t too heavy. I left off the clear plastic for the eyes, since they were out trick or treating at night and it might have been dangerous if they couldn’t see 100%. I know these aren’t exact copies of the bounty hunters, but my kids thought they were close enough to enjoy!