I must say, this Jack Skellington Halloween costume was definitely a nightmare! Basically, I started this costume by learning how to walk again. I used 24” drywall stilts that I borrowed from a local contractor. I must have fallen 5-6 times in about 5-6 minutes. Luckily, nobody picked me up off the pavement on Halloween.

You’ll notice that I created a walking stick to keep myself from falling on someone. What I used was a simple 9ft wood pine closet rod. I wrapped it with black & white duct tape and had added a rubber stopper on the bottom of the rod to create a better grip for balance.

The mask was simply made out of papier mache. I used white sketch paper, Elmer’s glue and one of those punching balloons to create a better round shaped head. I stayed away from any white paints because most of them seemed to light up pink under black light. I then placed a hard hat inside and used a spray-in foam to keep it in place. Please keep in mind I had done several tests to get this right. Once the head was finished, I cut out the mouth for a view hole. I ended up using a black shear material to hide my face.

The bat tie was made of cardboard, hangers, black duct tape, small rope for a 3d effect and white painters pen.

As for the coat, I rented a vintage tuxedo tail coat from a costume shop which cost me around $13. Thankfully, I have a loving girlfriend who knows how to sew and understands my commitments for Halloween costumes. She bought a pajama pants pattern and extended the legs to create the black stilt walking pants.

Other than that, everything else is pretty much self explanatory. I wish we had time to enter in a competition, but we fell short of time. I will say, every bar we walked by, there was a sudden silence, then a burst of clapping and people yelling “Jack!!!” That made the whole costume worth it. I will definitely be using this costume again sometime soon. Maybe to a supermarket on Christmas. Who knows.

Jack Skellington Costume

Jack Skellington Costume