My husband downloaded the demo of LEGO Indiana Jones for our X-Box 360. My four year old son saw him playing the game one day and wanted to try it for himself. Now he is hooked. Everywhere we go it’s Indiana Jones this and Indiana Jones that. He looks at the toys in the stores too.

We celebrated his birthday last weekend and he got two Indiana Jones action figures. (One was from us and we put it on his cake.) Now he wants to dress like Indiana Jones. That was no problem for me because we already had most of the pieces here, we just had to look for them.

For his hat we turned his $1.00 cowboy hat into the perfect Indy hat. Then we needed the shirt. Well Grandma happened to have one in her closet that she was saving for his real birthday (which is next weekend.) His jacket is his new jacket that I put up for the fall that I got at Old Navy for like $7.00. Now he needed the pouch. Nothing came to mind until we were at Uncle Will’s and found Uncle Will’s tool belt, which was a khaki color. Throw on a pair of khaki pants and fifty cent loafers from St. Vincent DePaul and viola – instant Indiana Jones.

I think that I spent less than $20.00 on this great homemade Indiana Jones costume.