Two years ago we dressed Thor, our cat, as a Biker. Last year we dressed him as a Construction Worker. So this year we decided to stay with the Village People Theme and decided on the Indian Chief.

I first went to the Arts and Crafts stores and got soft felt, hard felt, small glass beads, bells, silver shafts to hang the bells with, a wooden bead place mat, feathers, tan tread, leather string, and fabric glue. Once I got home I looked on Line for Authentic Native American clothing, when I had an Idea of what I wanted to do, I Measured Thor for His Breaches and drew them out on the soft Felt that looks like Suede leather, after sewing them together and adding Bells, Silver Shafts and Fringe, I made the beaded Belt with eagles on it and sewed it to the Breaches. I then Measured and cut out the Pieces for his Chest and Back Pieces, Then I cut apart the Beaded Place Mat and painted the Wooden Beads to look like Turquoise, Onyx and Bone. Then I drew a Pattern for a Thunder Bird and used the Wooden Beads and sewed them on his Back piece.

I then made the Pattern for his Chest piece and used the Wooden Beads to decorate it. I then started the Head Dress, I Measured Thor’s Head and Cut a piece of Hard Felt and Did the small Glass Bead work to Match his Belt, I then Mounted the Feathers and Secured each one to the head dress, I then put elastic in it to make it sit right on his head and a chin strap to secure it to his head so it would be comfortable for him. I then did the final bead work and some minor trimming and Fit it to him with the leather string to adjust the fit. I them made him a Bow from a Plastic Coat Hanger, and Arrows made from Shish Kabob skewers and the flights for them from the Backing for the Place Mat, I took another piece of the Coat hanger and Made a Bone handle for his knife, I took the hard felt and made him a quiver and a knife sheath. I sewed the Quiver to the back piece and the Sheath to his belt and the Outfit was done.

The whole outfit was fun to do, but the hardest part was doing the small Glass Bead Work. As soon as we showed the picture to people they Loved it and couldn’t believe he would wear it all and not bother him at all.