Inspired by the “I’m thinking Arby’s” commercials, this is a really easy and cheap costume to make, and I got more compliments about it than anyone who had expensive store-bought costumes.

I bought plastic party headband at a dollar store. My headband had two springs coming out of the top and some Styrofoam spiders on the top of the springs, but I’ve seen ones with hearts, or angels’ halos, “Happy New Year” or whatever bobbing from them. It doesn’t matter what’s on top of the springs because you rip them off anyway.

Then I just needed some glue, tape, scissors, red construction paper and cardboard from a cereal box. Just trying this with red paper caused the Arby’s hat to flop back and forth too much, and heavier cardboard was too heavy to tape and glue to the springs, so cereal box cardboard was perfect.

I glued a sheet of construction paper to the cereal box and free hand drew an Arby’s logo. My logo ended up being about 10” tall at it’s tallest point, and 8.5” at the hat’s brim, it’s widest point. I cut it out and then used it as a stencil to cut out another Arby’s logo on a second sheet of construction paper (no cardboard for this one- it’s the back side). I ripped off the spiders from my headband, taped the cardboard logo to the springs so that it “hovered” a little above the headband, and then took my paper Arby’s logo and glued it over the back

I made this “I’m thinking Arby’s” costume the evening before Halloween and wore it the next day to the office. I’m about as tall as our cubicle walls, so as I walked around the office, people would only see a floating Arby’s logo bobbing around the aisles and would break out laughing. It’s also nice that you don’t have to worry about clothing or makeup or accessories. Just wear what you normally wear, put on the headband, and you’re “thinking Arby’s!”