I made all 4 Homemde Little Mermaid Costumes, Ariel, Prince Eric, King Triton, and Ursula. I was Ursula, which was the hardest and most complicated. My husband was King Triton, our long time friends were Ariel and Prince Eric.

Ursula- I started with my 20 year old prom dress, which was the inspiration for all the costumes. I found the purple shirt at a thrift store. I altered the dress to look like Ursula and attached the shirt to the dress.

I made the tentacles out of black and purple material, cut into really long triangles and stuffed with a wire coat hanger and lots of stuffing. I attached the tentacles at the bottom and the waist with black Velcro. I had to be able to drive so I them detachable. I used light purple foam cut into circles and glued onto the tentacles for the suction cups. The only draw back was that this dress was very heavy. Also, I did a lot of research, Ursula only has 6 tentacles, I guess her 2 arms count as the other 2 “tentacles”.

Ariel and King Triton- I started with green and blue stretch “swimwear” fabric that resembled what a mermaid would wear. I used a sheer iridescent fabric over the green for the fins for Ariel and blue shiny glitter fabric for King Triton. I started by making a skirt to fit with an elastic waist. For the fins, I made 2 pillows per skirt in the fin shape and stuffed them. I attached one to the front and one to the back. I sewed them together at the sides so that it looked like one fin. For King Triton’s arm bands, I used plastic cups from a fast food restaurant, cut off the ends and painted them gold. I added ribbon for the edges and gold beads and foam for the jewels. For his crown I used gold glitter foam and glued it to the wig.

Prince Eric- The pants we found at the thrift store. I took a regular white shirt and cut off the collar and glue gold and blue trim. I cut off the bottom of the front and glued around the edge in the same blue trim used in the collar and cuffs. For the back I cut from the bottom up to resemble tails like on a tuxedo, also trimmed in the same blue. I found a scrap piece of gold to use for the sash. I used gold glitter foam and buy by the yard tassel for the shoulder pads. I had some gold buttons already and sewed 2 on each side.

We had a blast wearing these Homemde Little Mermaid Costumes. Everyone loved them and wanted to take our pictures.