I came up with this Homemade Zombie Boy Scout Costume idea after having worked at a Boy Scout camp the past two summers.

I had to make the pristine uniform look ragged and old, so I decided to run it over with a truck. I placed the shirt and shorts on the ground, lined them up with the wheel, and put some rocks in the clothes. Then I ran them over about 20 times. It made some nice rips in the fabric.

The next part was to start painting my body. With the help of two friends, I lay down and we painted my stomach white. Then, using a product called “horror-flesh” in purple, we put that on my right side. Over the top of that, we added some brown. It looked awesome.

I have an actual scar down my stomach, from my breast bone to my navel. I decided to dress it up by using fake blood, tracing it down the scar. I then put “stitch” marks across the scar and all the way down. Once that fake blood had dried, I took some black paint and drew some lines inside the blood on the scar to add depth.

Next, I made up my face. That consisted of pale foundation and white paint at first, followed by eye-shadow applied where blush would normally go. I darkened my eyebrows and put on some sparkly spider-webbed eyelashes.

I dabbed some blood and paint on the uniform and, finally, shook some baby powder into my hair to make it grayish and old-looking. You need quite a bit of baby powder and it makes a mess, so don’t do it in your room.

After all that work, I’ve got a rocking costume. I wore it all night on Halloween and got tons of compliments!