I decided after looking at many Halloween costumes that I would make my very own Homemade Zoltar from the movie “Big” Costume.

I managed to get a big strong box from work which the new printer had come in, and started by cutting out where I needed the front to be and also the sides so that I could put my arms out if I needed to. I also cut a hole in the bottom so that it rested just on my hips without having to find a way to hold it up (the advantages of having big hips!!)

I then bought a tin of normal matt paint from the DIY store and some gold stretch jersey (for the trim and back) and red lining material (for the bottom skirt to cover my legs)from our local craft shop.

Once the paint had dried which took a few coats over the course of a couple of days, I then added the sign at the top which I had printed on my computer.

I bought some battery operated LED lights from Ebay and sellotaped the wires to the inside roof before painting over the wires so that just the bulbs could be seen. I hid the battery back and secured it so that it didn’t fall off.

I then added the gold trim and backing and used super strength invisible cotton to sew the red lining material round the bottom (make sure you don’t leave it too long as you will find yourself tripping up).

I then (also from Ebay) purchased a fortune tellers wig and hat and also some bright red contact lenses before adding some grey and black eye shadow to my face to create the shading. White eyeshadow for the lips and the costume was complete!

Everybody loved it, only problem I have is finding something for this year!