I made Yoda the Jedi Master costume from a simple picture I took from the movie. His head was made of starch and news paper with a large punching balloon for the shape. The funniest part was as I was adding the starch and paper the balloon kept it flatting. I didn’t know the balloon had a slow leak.  Needless to say, I had to finish the project in a hurry and let it dry.

I made some custom acrylic  colors to paint  the head with a mix of greens and yellows and finished his head with gray hair to make him look aged.  The body costume was made of brown felt, I cut a tunic and pants. The jacket and belt were made of a woven cotton. I stuffed two t shirts I sewed together to make a simple body suit. I purchased some Yoda gloves and made some Yoda shoe covers with nails for some old slippers I had. The finishing touch was the light saber. May the force be with you, Happy Halloween.