We are the official characters of the Chesterton Wizard of Oz Festival, which is the world’s largest Oz-themed event. All of our Wizard of Oz group costume designs are handmade by the members of our group and their families.

Yes, Dorothy even hand-sequined and rhinestoned her slippers. Every effort was made to ensure that the costumes and props were as film-authentic as possible. Costume test stills from 1939 were used in selecting fabrics and colors (for example, Dorothy’s dress is the correct “Yale” blue rather than the more common baby blue).

One of the most common questions we are asked is what the Tin Man’s costume is made out of. The arms and legs are constructed of thick sheet plastic carefully bent and bolted into place. The torso is an old water softener tank, which was cut down the middle and hinged in the back. The collar is a bucket cut at an angle. A silver unitard is worn under the “tin” pieces to ensure that no skin shows through.

These homemade Wizard of Oz group costume designs have undergone several revisions over the years. We are always updating and improving in an attempt to present the most high-quality characters possible.