Since more photos been leaked of War Machine for Iron Man 2, I decided to start upgrading to look more like the movie armor worn by Rhodey “Don Cheadle”. What inspired upgrade is how Hardcore War Machine looks to Iron Man new armors.

Materials for the War Machine Iron Man 2 Costume:
-High impact urethane plastic
-1500+ Rivets used so far
-Machine gun arms special lighting and sound FX’s 100%
-Mini Gun Lighting FX 70%
-machine gun forearms 100% finished
-Bicep 100%
-Chest armor 100%
-Shoulder bells 100%
-Back armor 100%
-Helmet 100%
-Abdominal 100%
-upper thigh 100%
-upper thigh cover armor 100%
-lower Shin’s Armor 100%
-cod piece 100%
-Gauntlet cover 100%
-armored shoe’s v.2.0 90%
-hide the Simulated firing light effect. 100%
-knee, back leg, elbow, and arm covers 0% “maybe”
-Missile pods shoulders 100%
-wiring mini gun lighting FX and simulated fire 100%

Here’s a video of the costume in action: