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Coolest Homemade War Machine Iron Man 2 Costume 9

by Anthony L
(Northglenn, CO)

Homemade War Machine Iron Man 2

Homemade War Machine Iron Man 2

Homemade War Machine Iron Man 2
Homemade War Machine Iron Man 2
Homemade War Machine Iron Man 2
Homemade War Machine Iron Man 2

Since more photos been leaked of War Machine for Iron Man 2, I decided to start upgrading to look more like the movie armor worn by Rhodey "Don Cheadle". What inspired upgrade is how Hardcore War Machine looks to Iron Man new armors.

Materials for the War Machine Iron Man 2 Costume:
-High impact urethane plastic
-1500+ Rivets used so far
-Machine gun arms special lighting and sound FX's 100%
-Mini Gun Lighting FX 70%
-machine gun forearms 100% finished
-Bicep 100%
-Chest armor 100%
-Shoulder bells 100%
-Back armor 100%
-Helmet 100%
-Abdominal 100%
-upper thigh 100%
-upper thigh cover armor 100%
-lower Shin's Armor 100%
-cod piece 100%
-Gauntlet cover 100%
-armored shoe's v.2.0 90%
-hide the Simulated firing light effect. 100%
-knee, back leg, elbow, and arm covers 0% "maybe"
-Missile pods shoulders 100%
-wiring mini gun lighting FX and simulated fire 100%

Here's a video of the costume in action:

Comments for Coolest Homemade War Machine Iron Man 2 Costume 9

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p90x commercial?
by: Anonymous

Hey isn't he that guy from the p90x commercial?

IRON man blue print
by: Mystery guy

Hey dude,
Do you have a blueprint or any mechandise showing about This ? IF you have please post an address on this page.

by: Anonymous

can you give me steps to make it?

by: GDE


by: Anonymous

Hey uh, is that for sale?

by: Runefangice


hey men are you selling it?
by: Anonymous

pls let me know if you are selling this, i would like to buy it.

urethane plastic?
by: Anonymous

hello your costume is amazing really and i wanted to ask were did you get urethane plastic? THANKS

by: Anonymousmx

you speak Spanish? sell them?

by: lewis

if you sell you iron man costumes ill buy them my email is

high hopes
by: Anonymous

Wasn't War Machine taller than a fifth grader?

can you build a bigger suit
by: Anonymous

hi first things first you are a god at building the iron man suits nice work there buddy but there's one question that comes to mind would you ever build a iron man suit for a xxxl so that the person in the suit looks thin and can really show off in the suit without hurting when your wearing it that would be the one thing i would like to see this year and if you do ever build one i would pay for it so then the people in England,UK can see the full brilliants in the suit hope to hear from you soon.

Hi mate
by: Anonymous

Hi mate awesome suit i would like to buy it i was watching your channel and i really like it so i wanna buy suit if its or sale. I would give 600 dolars

help me
by: luiz felipe

their beautiful replica, I'm developing a university project to create clay and together with the application technique papercraft. I'm doing a replica of MARK3, I wonder how you set up the opening system of the helmet. understand little of programming and electronic systems, you can help me?

Custom make
by: Jason

Can you make a custom fit IRON MAN costume and if so how much would it cost to make?

by: slay zieller

are u selling?

purchase of armor
by: william(Brazil)

I want to know how much you want the armor can pay up to the value of 10,000 dollars PFV enter the amount

by: jack

i wish i can buy that wil be so awesome

want to buy
by: Anonymous


E-MAIL me at once, I'm ready to pay up BIG TIME for this!!!

by: Anonymous

How much is it for the war iron man suit

by: torchwood

Hi there I'm interested in doing some iron man/war machine costumes myself, could you give me some kind of guide as for a total newbie costume builder.... thanks R my emails is

tylor anderson
by: Anonymous

hey im Taylor Anderson and i was wondering if you could if i could get a list of the materials my number is 7343633511 but the reason i wont to start a project like this is because im leaving in a week and im gonna be gone for two years from my family and this would be the prefect time consuming project to keep my mind occupied

p.s. im only 17 :)

Calling BS
by: Anonymous

Don't ask for help from this guy, he never has any videos, pictures of how he makes them. Most cosplay artist post pic's and how to videos. I suggest looking up Iron Man foam armor on Google, look for stealth or dancinfool foam files. It will tell you everything you need to know on how to build your own Iron Man costume. I am currently working on mine and almost done.

by: andres trujillo

hey brother how do I get the tragedy of man airon what is the cost any information my email is

interestin in you custom
by: alex

hey do you thinkg any one can used how I can be in contact

Cool Costume
by: Alex

This suit is awesome!

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