When I start thinking Halloween costume the first question I always ask myself is “Who can I be that has an awesome weapon?” I don’t know why it is, but I never feel like a costume is ‘right’ without a good weapon. I’ve been a zombie-killer with a machete and pistol, and a WoW Blood Elf duel-wielding daggers. I’ve been a pirate with a engraved cutlass and a vintage flintlock pistol replica, last year I was Babydoll from the movie Suckerpunch complete with Katana and yet another pistol. This year was really no different. The idea of Athena came to me when I saw a cool gold venetian style mask (that I never ended up using, go figure!) and she being the Greek goddess of war made my decision super simple! I swapped her traditional shield and spear for a golden bow and arrow for the sake of practicallity and it was perfect.

Construction of the costume itself was not as straightforward as you might think. I wanted a more gladiator/warrior feel than the more common draped-gown look, and pretty much all of the examples of Grecian warrior costumes are for men. Finally I decided to just go with my gut and wing-it. I bought some pleather and some really beautiful plum-wine colored fabric and got to work. I spray painted every individual piece of the costume from the weapons and jewelry to an old pair of strapy sandals I had, and even this cool woven decorative trim I found at the fabric store. It was tedious and time consuming but so worth it.

For my makeup I used black eyeshadow and eyeliner as well as some gold leaf adhered to my face with my very own ingenios discovery… wait for it…. HAIR GEL! It stayed put all night and wasn’t harsh on my skin or impossible to remove! (Tooting my own horn on that note.) My hair was another matter entirely. I wanted a cool Trojan-y plume helmet look, and I had no idea how to do it and no money to pay someone to do it. 2 million hair bands later this is what I came up with: Sections of tiny ponytails grouped together in a Mohawk and finished with a small braid down my back. Luckily I have tons of very long curly hair to work with.

After several days of tweaking it, I finally got to wear the completed costume on Halloween to RAVE reviews, and also a few smart aleck comments about my  lack of spear and shield. Not that I really really paid any mind to the puny mortals ;)

Anyways!  Hope you enjoy and Happy Halloween!
PS. Sorry for the picture quality, I’m saving for a camera.