My son requested to be Wall-E for Halloween. Since there is not a store out there that sells this costume, my husband decided to make one. He started the process with a large cardboard box, duct tape, and creativity. With these materials he was able to create Wall-E’s body. From there he collected cardboard boxes, different colored duct tape, a child’s bike helmet, screws, caster wheels, battery operated lighting, and tempera paint.

He took a large box and cut it down to size to make half track (tank track). Each piece of track is covered in silver duct tape and screwed down to make it look like a track. He then covered the inside of the track in black duct tape. He then wrapped paper towel, toilet paper, and centers of tape rolls in metal duct tape. He built a box for the lighting and carved out the detail. The next thing was to wrap the whole box in brown paper.

For the arms he made a box and used paper towel and toilet paper rolls. He added detail to the costume by using metal duct tape, black marker, and tempera paint. For the head he started making Wall-E’s eyes. He shaped them out of cardboard and then put the lights behind the eye panel. The lights are attached to the back of Wall-E’s head that is made from cardboard. All of these parts are attached to a child’s bike helmet.

He cut an opening for a trick or treat hole and cut a hole for the child’s head to fit through. He then added wheels to the bottom of the costume for our son to roll it around. It took at least a month to create this homemade Wall-E costume idea but it is so worth it when we saw our son’s face light up.