My almost 3 year old son loves the Disney movie “Wall E” and wanted to be him for Halloween this year. My husband and I, therefore, embarked on the task of making him a Homemade Wall E Child Costume, all for the price of a little yellow paint. The rest of the costume was made from recycled materials or items we had on hand in the garage.

We started collecting boxes and packing materials from things we purchased. My husband also collected some used packing materials from his work. We then began by finding a box that fit our son’s torso. We cut holes in the top for his head and holes in the sides for his arms. We then added packing foam (egg crate) to the inside of the box so it would rest nicely on his shoulders. We also attached some foam to the front of the box to make the door on the front of Wall E.

The tracks were made from cardboard with air- filled packing material glued to it and painted to give a more realistic-looking track. I painted the gears on the side with craft paint. The eyes are made from empty soda cans, cardboard, paper and duct tape then painted and attached to a broken bicycle helmet with hot glue.

I painted the main part of the box yellow and added the “dirty” look with some other brown and black craft paint I had from another project. The Wall E letters were printed from the internet and glued to the body. All of the construction was done with hot glue, duct tape and spray adhesive.

I am really happy with how it turned out. My son loved it and had a great time and that is what matters!