I love anything Disney!  So I had gone through most of the princesses while in college, and as a mom, I thought it would be fun to let my little ones be the princesses and I could be the evil villain.  I had enough materials left over from other projects that I was able to make up the costume completely.  I made the tentacles out of black felt that I had purchased for a poodle skirt and then I lined them with lavender satin so that it looked more slick.

Then to make it more the correct texture of her tentacle undersides, I sewed a seam every few inches, leaving the underside with ribs.  I also painted on sparkly purple suckers.  When I created the tentacles I sewed in a narrow channel to put wire in, so that the tentacles would sway as I walked.  I then lined the costume with an old skirt that I wasn’t using.  I added a button to the back of the costume so it was basically a strapless dress.  To accessorize I found a large sea shell which I drilled a hole in and strung on a black thread.  And I found cool sea shells which looked like chandelier earrings.  I painted these with purple nail polish and then bent a straight pin for a hook and put them on a pair of earrings.

I spent more on makeup than materials for the costume!  People still talk about it!