It all began with an Homemade UP Halloween Costume Idea, as I watched Disney’s UP with my 2 year old. First, I looked online for some images from the movie. At first I was going to go as “Kevin”, and my son would go as “Russell”. I am 6’1″, so I decided that wasn’t going to work while under a budget for material costs. While looking I found an image that inspired me. (See Below)

I went to a Thrift store and discovered a pink Pegasus that had 4 legs, that a child wears up around their waist. I thought of some ways I could change it into the tropical bird from UP. I had fun cutting off the Pegasus’ legs, nose, and horn. I cut holes into the back pair of legs, where my son could put his legs in. I wanted it to look as though he was riding the bird. I took fabric spray paint, and sprayed the pink neck and head of the Pegasus blue. I made the beak with yellow felt, that I cut into long triangles, sewed together, turned inside out, and stuffed. Then sprayed the beak with some red fabric spray paint. I found feathers at Micheal’s Crafts, and slit the Pegasus’ head at the top to insert the feathers. The huge eyes were also purchased from Micheals Crafts.

The body was made from fleece. I made 3 sections for the body. The top, middle, and the bottom. The top and the bottom sections were stuffed with fiber fill, and the middle section is where my son’s bottom half would go.

I replaced the legs of the Pegasus with black legs made from fleece. I cut two long rectangles out and sewed the ends together, attaching the top of the new legs to the holes where the Pegasus’ legs used to be. After I had the body of the bird, I cut a 2 year old sized hole into a pair of brown sweat pants. I sewed the hole of the bird to the hole of the pants, making it look as though he was sitting on the bird. I created dummy legs out of another pair of sweat pants, hot glued some socks on the bottom, stuffed the legs, and hot glued them inside the brown pants. The socks were also stuffed to keep the shoes on.

The shirt was made out of a regular yellow t-shirt. I used some scrap orange and brown fabric for the sash, and scarf. The badges were circles I cut from felt, that I sharpied the designs on. I cut the green pine trees from felt, and ironed on “W”‘s that stand for “Wilderness Explorer”. My son wore a back back to trick-or-treat with, because he had to hold onto the bird’s head.

This is my first time making a costume for my son, and I think I am going to make it a Halloween tradition for our family, as long as he lets me.