Here is my Homemade Two-Face from The Dark Knight Costume.

The suit and make up were both created by me. The suit was purchased at Salvation Army, then I put hours work into it. I first took a knife to various pieces of the left side of the jacket, shirt, tie, and pants. After that I doused the left side of each piece in lighter fluid and lit it on fire to add that fire look. Then I burned the ends of the rips I made with the knife with a lighter, to make it more enhanced. Finally, I dabbed black, gray, and red paint on certain areas of the suit to give the impression of ash and blood.

Now the makeup: On the left side of my face there is a bald cap and 8 different prosthetic pieces; teeth, chin, eyebrow, undereye, jaw tendon, and 3 random burn pieces. I first attached the bald cap and the prosthetic pieces with prosthetic adhesive. Then I added black make up to the bare parts of my face. To give more detail, I then added red and yellow. After all that, I added liquid latex around each prosthetic to blend it into my face. I then added blood serum and burn pus to give off more detail and make it look more realistic.

The whole process for the suit took many hours, and the makeup-applying process took about 4 hours to do. In Halloween week, I got together 10 of my friends to dress up as different Batman villains during school, so I had to wake up at 2 a.m. in order to start applying my makeup for this event.

During lunches I held a vote so the students at my school (North Kingstown High School in Rhode Island) could vote for their favorite. The top three were, in third place, Rachael Perry as Harley Quinn with 80 votes, in second place, Jon Craik as The Joker with 95 votes, and in first place me (Shawn M.) as Two-Face with 225 votes.

The students, teachers, and administration loved the whole idea, adored all the costumes and it was a great experience for me.