(SORRY-in the pictures one of my lights fell off…i noticed just now, If you scroll at the bottom… you’ll find links to see my costume in a better way).

This homemade Transformer (that actually transforms) Halloween costume took a whole week to make. I got the idea to make a transformer costume, but then I thought it would be cool if the transformer would actually transform… so we made the costume transform.

First we had to get materials to make the costume..luckily one of my aunts had purchased new furniture so there was a lot of cardboard available. We also gathered some styrofoam sheets. Then we designed how we would built the costume. We also took measurements of my height to determine the height of the car and its dimensions. Then we began to cut pieces out of cardboard based on the design we made.

After cutting the main pieces we used a lot of duct tape to put the pieces together. We did the same thing for all the pieces of the car. Then we reinforced the weaker parts of the car using hard styrofoam. Then we painted the car all white (my dad called it “priming it”). Then we painted the car hot pink and black.

For the wheels we used the styrofoam sheets and cut a bunch of circles out…then we put the circles together with tape. We also cut out 8 circle shaped cardboard and taped it to the styrofoam wheel. We attached fabrics through the inside of the wheel to be able to hold it. We then painted the wheel and put a aluminum container sheet for the rings. Our original plan was for the 2 back wheels to be attached to my feet but that didn’t work…so at the last minute we had to tape the 2 back wheels to the car.

In order for my back to be able to hold the car, we taped an old book back in the inside. We then decorated the car by putting lights, a license plate and a radiator made out of aluminum tape.

On the day to wear it…we had a problem…part of the car was breaking so we had to reinforce the breaking parts with aluminum tape…which seemed to hold on pretty well. EVERYONE at my school loved the costume. Every 3 minutes people would ask me to transform for them. I LOVED THIS COSTUME.


Materials we used:

Duct tape
Pink Paint
Black Paint
Priming Paint
Aluminum Tape
Styrofoam sheets
Old Backpack
Paint Brush

My school photographer took better pictures of my transformer costume…