After a trip to the zoo, my three year old daughter decided she wanted to be a peacock or a princess for Halloween. She couldn’t decide so I combined them and turned out this Toddler’s Peacock Princess costume.

The entire costume cost me only $15 to make. Supplies: elastic, colored tulle in navy, purple, olive, lime, and bright blue, peacock feathers, glue gun, scissors, needle and thread, plastic headband, and spray glitter.

I started off by sewing a strip of elastic to fit around her waist. Then I cut the tulle in strips, folded them in half and looped them around the elastic. I pulled the ends through the loop and made sure they were tight. Arranging the colors as I liked, I worked my way around the elastic. I made the front short and the back longer, so the feathers had something to lay on.

Next, it was the turn of the feathers. I found a nice long feather and lay it flat. I then cut another feather about 5″ long and glued it to the stem of the long feather. I repeated this all the way down the stem and this gave the illusion of many feathers although it was only one stem. I made six of these and glued them to the tutu.

Next I took more feathers and randomly glued them together and fanned them on top of the others, gluing them down only when I had my desired effect. One tip: use the larger feathers for the bottom and smaller ones on top. After gluing all the feathers to the tutu, I made a bow out of tulle and glued it to the top of the tail.

The headpiece consisted of a cheap plastic headband wrapped in tulle. I then took three feathers and glued them together and then glued them to the headband. Make sure you wrap the tulle around the bottom of the feathers to make them stick up. You can also tie some on either side to hide the unwanted knots.

To keep a three year old comfortable, the rest I kept simple. She wore black leggings, black shoes, a blue turtle neck and we put a sparkly blue shirt over it; we bought this shirt at the Salvation Army store and it was too big so I cut the sleeves. When she got it all on, we added fingernail polish, some eyeshadow to her temples and sprayed her and the whole costume with spray hair glitter.

It was easy for her to walk in, since the feathers dragged instead of sticking up and everyone thought she was a princess until she turned around. With her two costumes in one, she won the town costume prize!

Peacock Princess Costume

Peacock Princess Costume