My boyfriend and I adore these little mushroom characters from the “Super Mario Bros.” movie so much that we decided to be them for Halloween this year. Our couple costume was a Homemade Toad and Toadette From Mario Brothers Couple Costume!

I was so excited to start on the costume but then had a really difficult time figuring out how to make their mushroom-like heads. I thought of many ways to mimic that look but not one was successful. By chance, I came across a chef’s hat at the local party store and decided to give that a shot. I sewed the thick part of the chef’s hat up to make a thinner bottom and pulled an elastic band through to make it fit close to the head. I then stuffed it with poly-fil to make it poof up and rounded it out. I used felt to cut out the circles and hot glued them on.

For Toadette’s hat, I bought hot pink fabric dye to color the chef’s hat. For her hair, I used Styrofoam balls and put them through pink tights. In between each ball, I tied a pink ribbon tightly and hot-glued white felt circles to the biggest balls on the ends. When the hair was ready, I sewed them onto the side of her mushroom head.

As for our vests, I bought fabric and a vest pattern and then cut and sewed the pieces together. I hot-glued the trimming, which was a ribbon, onto both vests. Toad’s vest was blue with golden yellow trimming while Toadette’s was pink with a light yellow trimming.

Last but not least, you can mix and match your dress wear as long as you stick to your identifying color. Toad could wear white shorts with either a white or tan shirt, or even no shirt at all, under his blue vest. Toadette could wear a pink dress, or white shorts/pants with pink tank top, or even, to be a little sexier, short white shorts with a pink bra!

Have fun! I sure did making it and showing it off!

Mario Brothers Costume