My two year old daughter came to me about a month ago, after watching the new Tinkerbell movie, and said, “Mama, I want a Tinkerbell dress!” So, naturally my mind went to Halloween. I started looking online at a Homemade Tinkerbell Costume, and I thought that I could do better.

I made a tutu out of lime green tulle and beaded the end of each piece (for a sparkle effect). Then I made a simple flared dress to go over the tutu. The wings were super easy. I just took two coat hangers and shaped them to what I wanted and covered them with white glitter tulle.

Tinkerbell’s wand is two of the plastic canvas stars stitched together and stuffed with cotton and bells (for a good Tinkerbell sound). I hot glued the star to the top of a stick. I made green covers for some tennis shoes and attached white yarn pompoms to finish the full effect of Tinkerbell.

I didn’t have to do any hair for my daughter, she is a little blondie so it worked perfectly.

I am so looking forward to Trick-or-Treating this year!