For the dress of this Tiger Lily Costume I got brown fabric. You might have to search around the fabric store for a bit to get that perfect brown fabric. You need to just know how to do VERY basic sewing. I went with a side strap but I’m sure going with strapless or two straps would be easy!

So, just cut the material into two sections for front and back. Make sure to measure yourself so that you can easily slip in and out of the dress. My roommate helped me with this by pinning the fabric when I was trying on the dress. With pins in fold dress inside out and sew! Last minute decision to cut the end of the dress at an angle and with fringe. Obviously didn’t really measure that out and it ended up being pretty short!

All the accessories were found at a craft store. I found red and brown leather and decided to braid them. The brown went on for a headband and I then stuck a few feathers in the back. The red was made into a belt where I stuck a fake tiger lily flower. With the flower you can hot glue a bobby pin on the back and hook it onto anything ( I also do this with other flowers so that I pin them in my hair.) I wore moccasins cause most Colorado girls have a pair laying around.

The face paint was an experiment but was fun to do! I first put a thick line of liquid eye liner around my eyes. With face paint crayons I went with a mainly thick red strip. The random lines and circles were an after thought. Honestly face paint crayons are super fun to mess around with so just get creative!

Hope this helps!