My 4 year old son William, like many other kids his age, is OBSESSED with Thomas the Train. However, unlike other kids his age, William is wheelchair dependent so this Halloween I decided how PERFECT for me to dress him as the engineer & his chair as the train!!!!

For this homemade Thomas the Train wheelchair Halloween costume I took a large cardboard box & folded it according to the dimensions of the wheelchair. With the box sitting securely on the wheelchair, I drew the shape of the train & cut away necessary pieces of the cardboard, allowing William to sit comfortably in his chair & “inside” the train. I then painted the entire box with “Thomas Blue” acrylic paint & applied the detail lines with colored electrical tape. A few details had to be painted by hand & were done so using acrylic paint.

The face of Thomas was easily copied onto a separate large cardboard circle using a black paint pen & adhered to the front of the box with double-sided tape. The steam funnel was a circular piece of styrofoam that I painted with black acrylic paint & adhered it with good ol’ Gorilla Glue. The “steam” was created with quilter’s batting.

Needless to say, William AND Thomas were a BIG Halloween Hit with kids & grown-ups alike & we also got the opportunity to show how children with disabilities can do anything “normal” kids can do & then some!!!!