While I am to late for the contest, I still wanted to share this Thomas the Train Costume.

Of course my 4 year old son loves Thomas the Train! So when he asked me if he could be Thomas for Halloween, I shivered at the task!

Thankfully, I ran across this website that gave me some clever ideas, a little bit of this picture, a little bit of that picture, I slowly put into my mind what I would do for my son.

I took some heavy duty foam material, kind of like what you would line a tool box with and cut the biggest section out. Realizing it would not glue together with hot glue nor superglue, I went to my handy dandy knitting bag for a long durable sewing needle where I seamed the foam parts together. It took about 8 hours of sewing but I got it all in one large piece. Then I took an empty bottle of shampoo, covered it with construction paper, cut slits in it and put it in as the funnel. I used construction paper to make the porthole and even the red lining of Thomas’ sides…and the #1.

I cut the center out of paper plates for the wheels and then covered with blue construction paper and cut out little triangles to place on top of the blue. Punched a hole thru the center and took a bolt and self locking nut just secure enough to not fall off but yet allow the wheels to still turn.

Then I took a random piece of cardboard made a large circle for the face, covered with white paper and hand drew the face as best as I could muster. So the face would not fall off I punched a couple little holes and using yard I made it to where I could tie down on the inside of the tank so the face would not fall off or get knocked off.

I cut a hole in the tank so he could get inside of it…added holes for arms and there you go.

My son was WOWED by the train! His favorite part was the funnel and the #1…it was hands down the best costume at the entire zoo that night for trick or treating!