Unable to find a great Thomas the Train costume for my little man – they all looked like bibs! – I started on a Homemade Thomas The Train Costume project, as my son is obsessed with Thomas.

We started with cardboard boxes, paint and a cake plate for the face. I used a little hat box (a round cardboard box) for the fenders, cutting it in half. My husband printed out the wheels and face and we glued them on (the face on the cake plate and the wheels on Styrofoam circles). I used a Pringles can for the stack and electrical tape for the stripes and windows (red, yellow and black). It was much easier than painting those ourselves.

We probably invested 8 hours making this costume over several evenings and about $30.00. My son was so excited and it was so much fun. I have a video of it as well. He loved it. It will be hard to top and he is not even three yet. Happy Halloween!