This Homemade Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween Costume is James, the #5. The train is composed of 2 boxes that I painted with acrylic craft paint and then hot glued and bolted together. The smoke stack is an oatmeal container that I painted black, I then glued it on and fluffed and glued white tissue paper to look like smoke.

The face is a round piece of cardboard, I drew the face and painted it with a brush and a paint marker to get clean lines and the smaller details. The dome is also cardboard that was cut and painted. The lights on the front and the #5 were all printed from my computer and the black and yellow lines on the sides were colored electrical tape. I put a sign on back that said “James the splendid engine” that was also printed from my computer.

The wheels are records that I painted gray and black electrical tape was used to make the lines. To ensure the wheels wouldn’t fall off I drilled holes in them and used paper fasteners to stick the wheels to the bottom flaps of the box. I then folded the flaps inside and hot glued them to the box. I also cut small triangles out of cardboard and glued them in each corner inside the box. I used 8 total, 2 in each corner, 1 top, 1 bottom, this prevented the box from folding in and collapsing.

Last, I cut old suspenders and bolted them into the top folded flaps and the hot glued those flaps down. I put Velcro on the inside of the suspenders and the other side of Velcro on my son’s shirt so the train would stay straight. (It’s a little front heavy.)

Hope this helps anyone that has a train lover in their family! Good Luck