My son and his friends wanted to be ninja turtles… For this homemade Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles group costume – we took paper disposable overalls from a nearby factory and painted them green. The shell is made of old couch cushions (sponge foam) that we found on the curb – good thing the neighbors threw out their old couch! We cut the foam into shell shape and then painted it.

The breastplate is a thinner foam that we had at home from a previous project. We added all of the accessories which we made out of cardboard (each turtle with his proper weapon), headbands, even turtle feet. We put green makeup on the kids and they found a “rat” doll to take along as Splinter.

Our neighbor wanted to be “April” to support the boys so she tagged along. The whole process of making the costumes took about a day. Of course it was in stages waiting for paint to dry, cutting, gluing and mostly fooling around and having fun!