With my son being 1&1/2 and Family Guy being such an awesome show I decided a Homemade Stewie Griffin Halloween Costume Idea was the way to go. I bought a long sleeved yellow shirt and red conductor striped overalls that I dyed red to give a two tone appearance like corduroy. I painted white leather shoes blue with acrylic paint and sprayed with a paint sealer.

For the construction of the infamous football shaped head I used just that, a foam football. Using a flesh colored pilot style cotton cap to start. I cut the football in half and put each side into a piece of nylon stocking. The stocking gave me something to sew the football onto the hat with. I purchased a polyester bathing suit fabric to be the “skin”. I sewed it around the hat and stuffed with batting to give a more even look. For the eyes I used a piece of thin white crafting foam ,satin cording and fuzzy balls found in the craft section at a local fabric store.

I found different images of Stewie’s many glares and recreated one using krazy glue. The eyes were then sewed to the head. For his hair satin cording was tacked on. A yellow piece of crafting foam was cut into circles to make cartoon like buttons on the overalls and held in place with double sided tape. For the candy, a teddy bear to represent Stewie’s beloved Rupert and blue blankie were tied to the bucket.

I went as Lois. Dyed a button down shirt teal, painted some faux pearl earrings blue, wore khaki pants and a red bob wig. My husband was Tom Tucker. For Tom he wore a fake mustache, suit and I sewed a red silk tie. The microphone was made from construction paper covering a train whistle,black fuzzy socks for the mouth piece and a painted channel 5 logo on all four sides.

It was a fun costume and our tot made a great Stewie.