My girlfriend had the idea to be Ghostbusters for Halloween. Instead of doing the normal tan jumpsuit and inflatable proton pack, we decided we would make everything we needed. We also decided to do Stay Puft instead of just a guy and girl Ghostbuster. We had seen some attempts at a Homemade Stay Puft Halloween Costume in the past, but none of them were as movie-like as we wanted.

We began by making the body first. We took a white, long sleeve shirt to use as the base. We then took white fabric and stitched it around the bottom and neck of the long sleeve shirt. We then stuffed this with microfiber poly fill (quilt stuffing). This allowed me to take the torso off without having to unstuff it. We then stitched the arms to the shoulder of the long sleeve shirt.

From there, we began at the wrists and stuffed the arms. We took white strings and tied the middle of the stuffed arms to make the creases. We took rubber bands around the wrists to close off the arms. We also made gloves by cutting the four-fingered pattern out of the white fabric and stitching it together, leaving the ends open. We also stuffed the fingers to give it more of a full effect.

The legs were done similar to the arms. We stitched together long white pieces to make tubes of fabric. We then took a rubber band and placed them around my ankles to close up the legs. We stuffed the legs with more quilt stuffing and then pinned the top of the legs with safety pins to the bottom of the torso. We then did the same thing with the white string to make the crease in the legs.

The head was made with chicken wire wrapped in paper mache. We then used spray adhesive to place stuffing around the head and wrapped that in white fabric to make it more rounded. The eyes and mouth were cut out and an expression was drawn on with permanent marker. Finally, we took blue fabric and glued on white strips to make the bib. Red fabric was rolled up and pinned to make the knot.

Overall the costume took 10 lbs of quilt stuffing.