We don’t have the best picture of this Spy vs Spy Couple Costume, but it really did rock. My husband and I dressed up as some of the coolest characters ever for last Halloween. Our Spy vs Spy costumes we super easy to make.

We used some large pieces of white card paper and rolled them into cone shapes for the beaks. That was probably one of the hardest parts of making this costume because getting the shape of the cone right took a lot of trial and error.

Once the cone was taped in place, I cut some little pieces of half-circle shaped card for under the chin, so the mask wouldn’t slip down as much and it also looks better not to have you neck showing too much. Then we cut holes for our eyes. Make sure you pencil it out first, and double check it for size and placement! I messed up on the first one and it ended up being my ‘practice’ mask.

At this time make holes for the straps that hold the mask on. That’s right, straps.. you will want more than one. I had one that went under the back of my head and another that went up top more. We also made holes for our mouths under our chins. These we hid as much as possible. We made them vary small, but if you have time to put in white nylon or something there I would recommend making them bigger and covering them up. It does get hot in there.

Once we had the shape and holes next I went to town with paper-mache, I used white paper not news paper just in-case the paint didn’t cover too well. After macheing and macheing I painted it white. Then penciled in the eyeglasses and the mouth. Finally I went over it with a black permanent marker.

Next I used a black mesh in the eye holes. I attached this with glue and tape. I then went around the eyes holes with black electrical tape to smooth out the edges. Than we used black elastic bands through the holes in the back to hold the masks on.

Finally with the masks done the easy part of getting a black trench and hat and pants and all the same in white. We also used some cheap white gloves. We got all of out clothing from second hand stores. The white hat was off white and so we just spray-painted it white. I chose to be the black one because it’s more slimming ;P haha.

We won second place at a pub and had tons of fun with no one knowing who was behind the mask.
Oh and I almost forgot to mention the funnest part. We made bombs and knives and other things to hurt each other with. I carried a water gun too. We were beating each other up all night, ha! Was loads of fun.