My Boyfriend didn’t want to dress up this year, and after 6 store trips he still wouldn’t pick a costume. Finally I told him to tell me what he wanted to be and I would make him his costume. His eyes lit up with delight as he brought up the picture of “The Coon.” So, I studied the picture and off we went.

A plain black mask, hot glue, felt, construction paper, a red plastic tablecloth, store bought Nerf darts, store bought cat ears and tail, silver hair paint, fake rubber fingernails, and a fake mustache is all that was needed!

I cut out brown, grey, and black felt to make the raccoon face and glued them to the plain black mask. A fake mustache was turned upside down and glued to the top to look like the fuzzy eyebrows.

I cut felt in a white circle and glued it to a plain black sweatshirt and also onto the red plastic table cloth that I cut to be a cape. Then I cut the “C” in grey and black felt and glued it onto the white circle.

Cut the tips off the Nerf darts and taped them with electrical tape to a belt.

Added yellow construction paper belt buckle and cape buttons.

Finished the costume off with ears and a tailed (stripped with the silver hair paint to look like a raccoons).

The COON was born.

Some people who don’t watch the show had no idea who he was. The people who watched South Park though all stopped in their tracks when they seen him. It was hilarious to hear people yell “Look it’s the COOOOOON” from across the room.

Hope you like it, and if you do, give are homemade South Park “The Coon” Halloween costume idea a vote! Thanks for looking!