This homemade Sock Monkey Halloween costume idea was not made for any one in my family. I heard through the grape vine that a friend of a friend was married to a member of the Army Reserve who has recently returned from his second deployment. Then she told me he wanted to attend a masquerade wedding on Oct 30th as a sock monkey but could not find a “realistic” looking version. When asked if I could surprise him with a costume I went to work on this one.

The materials were found at both Goodwill, Walmart and an upholstering shop. Pieces of clothing were cut up and resown to make the body. Another turtleneck was cut up and stretched over the foam rubber to make the head. It went together pretty quickly.

The recipient of the costume was as surprised as he was thrilled when we delivered it to him. He was a success at the wedding. Small children just couldn’t stop admiring him. Before the wedding he made lots of people smile when he took his wife into Paneras for supper. Then, after the wedding they went to a local watering hole and missed a costume contest by 30 minutes. Everyone was sure he would have won.

But he feels strongly that he won enough just to be the proud owner of his very own sock monkey costume. As for me, I am glad to have done something special for one of the guys who has been on the line in the Middle East not once but twice. I would also share the prize money with him since he was the inspiration for the homemade Sock Monkey Halloween costume idea and he is going to be a new daddy in April. The prize money will buy a lot of diapers.