My roommate helped me out with this Snow White Costume for a Disney party we were throwing. The party was a hit and as you can see my costume was surrounded by other awesome costumes.

We just bought plain yellow material for the skirt. You honestly don’t need to buy a ton cause the design is basic. My skirt got put off last minute so it was just 2 pieces sewn up the sides and then I was safety pinned into it.

The shirt was borrowed from a friend. The poof sleeves are plain red material. Make sure to measure around your arm so that it’s not too tight and then leave a few inches of extra space (it depends on how much poof you like). On each end you will then sew in elastic. The red bow was a must! and I did the spray black dye for my hair.

My friend Fitz was Bashful the dwarf. The only thing he had to buy for his get up was his long beard. All you need is tights, long flannel, belt and loose beanie.