-The wig was made from an egg crate foam mattress pad purchased at Kmart. I used wax paper to trace the line of my face/hair line. With that I made a stencil out of a piece of the foam to try as a template on my face. Made the necessary trims and then cut the actual wig outline. I sewed up the back using blue thread and cut a small circle to place at the top and sewed the top inward to make it look rounded. I used special spray paint made for fabrics (purchased at Walmart) to color it blue.
-The glasses were made out of 0.99 plastic yellow peace sign glasses purchased at iparty. We cut the peace signs out of the frames. We then used 2 plastic bouncy balls for the eyes (also purchased at iparty). We cut the balls in half and drilled a hole in the middle of them. For Marge’s eyes we drilled 4 smaller holes along the top for the eye lashes. We then spray painted the eyes white and traced around the middle with a sharpe marker. Marge’s eye lashes were made of pipe cleaners. We then used a hot glue gun to glue the eyes to the glasses frame. Whala!!
-The necklace was made of 12 ping pong balls purchased from Walmart. I strung them together using a large needle and elastic cord. I then spray painted them red using spray paint. It took 4-5 coats of spray paint.
-The make up was yellow cream makeup from a Halloween store.
-The shirt and gloves were white and dyed with yellow limon dye from Michael’s.
-The dress was purchased on ebay for $12.00.
-The tights were purchased online for $5.00.
-The shoes were from a previous costume (Mario-super Mario brothers) purchased at TJ Maxx.

-We shaved his head the shape of Homer’s hair and filled it in with a black face paint crayon.
-For the mouth area we used nude color face paint (very important to cover the lips!). the outline was drawn on with a face pain crayon.
-The make up was yellow cream makeup from the Halloween store.
-Shirt, jeans, and shoes were all purchased at the good will for $15.00.
-Duff Beer-printed labels online and used sticker paper to tape them to Miller Lite cans. We put the stickers on while the beer was warm and then placed them in the fridge for cooling. We found they stuck better this way.

Every year we try to go all out for Halloween, this year our Homemade Simpsons Couple Halloween Costume Idea was by far our best! We received many compliments on these costumes and won our local costume contest! Happy Halloween! Enjoy.