I purchased a Disney Sharpay doll for my daughter when she said that she wanted to be a Barbie in a box. She already had the costume just needed the box. I purchased a wardrobe box at Home Depot for about $10, red spray paint, some cute wrapping paper clear vinyl at Walmart. For this homemade Sharpay Doll in a Box Halloween costume idea I used the doll that was still in the box as a model to follow.

1. I spray painted the box red. I had to paint over the Home Depot logo a few times in order for it to be covered. I taped the edges together with red duct tape. I cut a rectangle out of the side for the opening to see the barbie.

2. I went online to print out the Disney logo and high school musical logo. I used a copier to enlarge the logos to make it the right size for the box. I transferred the logos onto posterboard and hot glued them where I wanted them.

3. I placed the wrapping paper on the inside of the box for decoration. My daughter picked that out.

4. I purchased in the craft department at Walmart 1 yard of thin plastic vinyl(.99/yd) I attached that to the front of the box using good old duct tape. I made it so that she could roll it up to keep it out of the way when she was trick or treating.

5. In order for her to be able to carry it I used gold ribbon about two inches wide with wire edges placed them low in the box making loops so she could carry it like a backpack. I also added two extra pieces not looped to attach to her belly loops and tie. It held it more steady. It was very tricky we ended up using small bolts to hold the loops in place.

6. She already had the Sharpay costume so she just put that on.

It was a little hard to walk in but everybody loved it.