This is the first year I decided to make my boys’ costumes. This website was so helpful in getting me started on this homemade Russell and Kevin the Bird kids couple costume.

For “Russell”:

1. I took an old white button up shirt and dyed it a tan color

2. I bought brown felt for the sash and printed out button pin designs from the internet. I reinforced the paper with yellow craft foam, cut it into circles and hot glued it to the sash.

3. For the orange hankie I bought cotton and cut it into a square. Then folded into a triangle and draped it around the shoulders.

For “Kevin the bird”:

1. I used a blue zip up hoodie for the body and black sweats for the legs

2. The feathers were made out of felt in blue, yellow, orange and fuchsia. For the wings and tail: I free-handed the shape on a large piece of paper and cut 2 wings(left and right) and 1 tail of each color. Then layered all 4 colors about 1″ below each other and hot glued together. I glued the wings to the top of the sleeves starting at the shoulder seam. The tail was glued at the back waist line. For the front: I cut strips of feathers in yellow, orange and fuchsia and covered the entire front.

3. For the head: I used styrofoam for the neck and head and covered it with felt. I glued 2 big eyes (that I bought at the craft store) and used blue pipe cleaners for the top of the head. I then hot glued some elastic to the bottom so that my son could wear it around his head sort of like a headband. The bird head stuck out through a hole on top of the hoodie.

4. For the bird feet I cut out the shape out of black felt, hot glued elastic to the back and laced up his tennis shoes through them.

Both costumes were a hit!!! My boys loved them and got so many compliments! It was worth all this work!!