I went to a taping of ‘Let’s Make a Deal’ the TV show. For the show you have to dress up, so I decided to do something unique and created this homemade robot with lights costume.


– silver spray paint
– foam boards(body)
– silver duct tape
– Baskin Robbins ice cream bucket
– foil
– LED lights
– batteries
– tubing stuff, get the flexible kind that is foil-like

-silver shoes
-silver tights

First cut the foam boards to fit your body. Be sure it fits snug around you otherwise it will hurt to have the arms on. Spray paint ONE SIDE of all 4 pieces of foam board. connect 3 of the boards with silver duct tape. Before you attach the 4th board, trace the outside of the arm tubes and cut out the holes for them. spray paint the tubes first if needed.

Once you have attached the fourth board, go to the arms. Don’t tape the arms to the holes – because then you will have a REALLY hard time getting in, haha.

For the head, go to Baskin Robbins, or an ice cream place, get a tub for free, or purchase one with only a little ice cream left. rinse it out, cut out a hole for the eyes and mouth, spray paint silver and you can if you want attach a fun little foil attachment to the head. On mine I painted a heart, and attached an LED light in it to light up.

For LED’s, go to radio shack and purchase them. Also get batteries, I find that AAA work best because they are small. The LED will have 2 metal prongs, bend them so they are parallel to the battery, and touch each side of the battery with the metal prong. If it doesn’t light up switch sides. Tape in place, attach to your costume as many as you want, and as many colors as you want.

Enjoy!! =]