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Coolest Homemade Ringmaster Britney Spears Costume 7

by Erin
(Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)

Homemade Ringmaster Britney Spears Costume

Homemade Ringmaster Britney Spears Costume

I decided what I wanted to be very last minute this Halloween! A little less then 2 weeks before the day actually! I had originally bought a lil’ Red Riding hood costume, but changed my mind around October 20…..oops!

I have been a fan of Britney Spears for a long time, and was lucky enough to get to see her perform her Circus tour in Montreal, Quebec, Canada this past March. I loved the show and absolutely LOVED the costumes! I also knew that my mom is an amazing seamstress and I knew that she would love a challenge. So, I asked her how long she would need to make something like Britney’s ringmaster costume. She accepted the challenge, and told me, hopefully it would take her less then 2 weeks to make a Homemade Ringmaster Britney Spears Costume.

We first went to the fabric store and picked up an Uncle Sam type pattern – she had to alter it a lot, but in the end it turned out great! I was lucky enough to find great fabrics, very similar to the real thing! I marveled at how my mom knew what the funny gold designs on Britney’s jacket were (my mom has been sewing for many years, so I shouldn’t have been surprised – she knows everything!) so we bought ribbon and piping cord in gold, and voila – she completed the whole thing by October 30! Phew! I had about 3 fittings, and it looked perfect!

I also purchased a blond wig, top hat, fake microphone, fishnets and shorts for the accessories – but the homemade jacket was the real masterpiece!

I felt like Britney that night – everyone wanted pictures of me and everyone was always yelling Britney! Britney! The DJ even kept playing Britney tunes all night and I had a circle of girls dancing around me!

It was the best Halloween yet! Thanks Mom!

Britney Spears Costume

Britney Spears Costume

Britney Spears Costume

Comments for Coolest Homemade Ringmaster Britney Spears Costume 7

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by: Britney Fan

Your mom did an amazing job this looks exactly like her costume from the tour. Just wanted to comment on how great you look as Britney!

ringmaster costume
by: elizabeth

Is there anyway we can communicate on how exactly you made this costume?? ITS WONDERFUL! thanks so much.


woudl you ever consider selling it
by: ashleyintx

my sister is dying to dress as ring master Britney for her bachlorette party and is getting all bridezilla on me and i have to find this jacket! I wish I could DIY but as soon as you said you had to modify the pattern i knew I would do a terrible job. Would you sell it for a desperate bride- or even consider renting it to me for a weekend?

woudl you consider selling or renting this out?
by: ashley

my sister is looking for this costumer for her bachlorette party and will not accept anything but the closest match- would you consider renting this or selling it?

Are you willing to sell?
by: Anonymous

I would love to buy this if you are willing to sell.

willing to sell...
by: Erin


Sorry, I haven't checked the site for awhile, I would be willing to sell it... if you want to contact me and give me a serious offer you can at princessdob[at] It is an amazing replica, and I would hate to part with it, but I am open to an offer. Let me know!


Awesome costume
by: Keilapowell22

Would you be willing to sell this costume? If so please let me know asap. You can name your price.

Thank you!!
by: Anonymous

Thank you soo much for all of your comments!

I actually already sold the costume!!

Happy Halloween!! I'm now being Lady Gaga this year!!! ;)

Erin :)

Gold Buttons??
by: Kate

Hi Erin, I am looking to try and recreate this costume myself. Can you give me any information on those gold buttons,I have no clue what they are called or where to find them. Thanks!

Ring Master jacket!
by: Julia

Would you be willing to sell that fabulous ring master jacket if you still have it?

Steps please
by: Briana

Does your mom have steps on how to make it ??

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