Well earlier this year myself and a few friends went to go see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I loved how they did the Red Queen Iracebeth. I knew after I saw the movie I wanted to be her for Halloween! So I definitely wanted to do a HUGE head, like she had in the movie. But was pretty clueless on how to make it. I first thought I could use a Helmet of some sort and build off of it. But After some thought I decided to go with Paper Mache for the Head.

1. I bought a Heart Shaped balloon and started adding the Paper Mache. Shaping and adding a mixture of Flour and Water. It took about 3 days or so to complete.

2. I went to a Fabric store looking for some fabric I could use to make the top part of the dress. I found some really neat fabric I wanted to use for the top. So I cut the pieces of fabric to size, and Hot Glue Gunned the fabric on top of an existing shirt I had. Just being creative I started to make the costume.

3. Then I found some photos of the Red Queen on a website. It was the complete dress with very good photos. Detailing of the dress, colors etc.

4. So with the photos I went to the Fabric store and searched out the closest patterns that I could find for the dress. Finding a Black on one side, Gold on the other fabric pattern was a really good find. Then finding a really cool shade of Red in the bargain bin helped out. I Sewed a little of the dress together, but again had an old pair of shorts that I was able to hot glue gun the fabric too.

5. I was going to use Yarn for the Hair, but it would have taken me forever to attach it to the head dress. So I was lucky enough to find Fabric that looked like hair. And it was in a shade of Red that was just perfect!

So here is my Queen Iracebeth Costume. The Red Queen from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland 2010.