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Coolest Homemade Queen Iracebeth Costume 41

by Scott B
(Seven Fields, Pennsylvania, USA)

Homemade Queen Iracebeth Costume

Homemade Queen Iracebeth Costume

Homemade Queen Iracebeth Costume
Homemade Queen Iracebeth Costume
Homemade Queen Iracebeth Costume
Homemade Queen Iracebeth Costume

Well earlier this year myself and a few friends went to go see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. I loved how they did the Red Queen Iracebeth. I knew after I saw the movie I wanted to be her for Halloween! So I definitely wanted to do a HUGE head, like she had in the movie. But was pretty clueless on how to make it. I first thought I could use a Helmet of some sort and build off of it. But After some thought I decided to go with Paper Mache for the Head.

1. I bought a Heart Shaped balloon and started adding the Paper Mache. Shaping and adding a mixture of Flour and Water. It took about 3 days or so to complete.

2. I went to a Fabric store looking for some fabric I could use to make the top part of the dress. I found some really neat fabric I wanted to use for the top. So I cut the pieces of fabric to size, and Hot Glue Gunned the fabric on top of an existing shirt I had. Just being creative I started to make the costume.

3. Then I found some photos of the Red Queen on a website. It was the complete dress with very good photos. Detailing of the dress, colors etc.

4. So with the photos I went to the Fabric store and searched out the closest patterns that I could find for the dress. Finding a Black on one side, Gold on the other fabric pattern was a really good find. Then finding a really cool shade of Red in the bargain bin helped out. I Sewed a little of the dress together, but again had an old pair of shorts that I was able to hot glue gun the fabric too.

5. I was going to use Yarn for the Hair, but it would have taken me forever to attach it to the head dress. So I was lucky enough to find Fabric that looked like hair. And it was in a shade of Red that was just perfect!

So here is my Queen Iracebeth Costume. The Red Queen from Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland 2010.

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