Let me start off my soliloquy by saying I love Princess Zelda in Twilight Princess, not to mention all the legend of Zelda Games. This honestly began as just a brother and sister bonding activity but now I have to say I am in love. Princess Zelda outfit from Twilight princess is on the advanced level of costumes I do say, since my whole costume I attempted to be politically correct when I came to comparison to the game. When trying to create character strictly on a game, lets just say I played a lot of Zelda. However besides research and sketches I think the hardest part was the tapestry. This was hand painted on fabric with acrylics. The armor came in second, but as expensive as you may think. All of the armor is made out of party foam, including the crown.

One of my master pieces that literally have me being a princess for a day! Happy Halloween!