I have wanted to be a peacock for the past few years but always waited until the last minute – and I didn’t want to do it unless I could do it right. I did this Homemade Pretty Peacock Costume in two days but I had to order the peacock feathers online two weeks out, a hundred genuine feathers for about $35.

The top is very simple to make. I took a yard of fabric and hemmed the 3 sides, the 2 short ones and a long side. I waited to sew the bottom edge so I could shorten it I wanted to. To make the neck tie, I took two pieces of fabric about 4 inches wide and 1 ½ feet long and sewed one on each top corner. I wrapped it around my back and put the 2 top corners together. I pulled them together to my chest and secured it with a ribbon. Then I individually twisted each corner of the fabric, then twisted those together and tied it in bow around my neck.

In the front I only sewed about 6 inches of fabric together right under the knot and left the bottom part open. I trimmed the bottom to make it the length I wanted. I had to shorten it so that my petticoat would show on all sides – then hemmed the bottom edge.

I bought a tutu from a costume shop and cut off the elastic and sewed in a ribbon to make the waist a drawstring and look more like a petticoat. I cut it in half and cut about a foot off the end to make it less poufy and sewed the edges back together.

To make the tail I started with an oval piece of cardboard. I glued the long feathers in rows on the front side and backside leaving 3 inches on the bottom of the oval. I did the same thing on the bottom but made them much shorter so I could sit without worrying about them.

I wrapped a fake gold leather ribbon around where the ends of the feathers met to cover the seam. I put Velcro to attach the feathers to my belt and so I could take the feathers off if I wanted to. I made the belt out of the same ribbon and put Velcro in the center. I cut two slits in the back of the dress that I put the belt through so it attached to the feathers but wouldn’t show on the outside of the costume.

To make the top embellishment, I bought a pretty gold button, glued feathers on the back and attached it to the dress with more ribbon. My awesome friend did my hair and makeup and covered me in glitter.

Peacock Costume

Peacock Costume