My costume is my original idea. A very pregnant “welfare mama” carrying four babies (2 white, 2 black) and a bag with the following words on the sides: FREE RENT, FOOD STAMPS, MEDICAID, ETC. A CARD ON MY BACK SAID WELFARE MAMA.

I wore a blond Afro wig, really loud make-up, an exorbitant amount of gold colored jewelry, men’s bedroom slippers (swollen ankles go with pregnancy). My small size shoes fit into the man size slippers, so they were very comfortable.

I needed an extra stretchy dress, so I modified a previously purchased “scary” costume robe, and made it into the dress.

I sewed a pear shaped pillow for my tummy and placed a 1/2″ ball cut in half for the protruding belly button. I stitched it into place. I used two nylon tube socks for the boobs, sewing a large marble (shooter) into each for the protruding nipples.

I attended two parties with my homemade pregnant welfare mama costume and won first prize at both of them. I also had a great time.